About us


Toolpoint is a family company founded in 1988. Toolpoint  specializes in importing tools for professionals.  Company is locate in Lahti, Finland near Helsinki - Lahti highway. We provide professional and knowledgeable service for our customers. The cornerstone of our business has always been customer oriented. We can serve our customers based on the demand and we can easily tailor our services for your needs.

Our product catalog is formed from quality products that are leading the market. Broad stock will serve both industrial and private customers fast, efficiently and inexpensively. We have over 29 000 products on our catalog. Contact us by phone or email or come to see us in our retail store.

Toolpoint's office is located in Laatukatu 1, Lahti. Our expanded facilities provide a better environment to display our products and serve customers.


Subsidiary company TT-Tools operates in Helsinki - Vantaa area.

TT-Tools is located at Salpakuja 5, Vantaa

Specializes sales and marketing of hand tools.

Salpakuja 5
01200 Vantaa

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